MarTech Festival Agenda

Chatting & thatBreakfast & coffee
Martech LandscapeThe state of Marketing Technology 2017/2018
Digital Strategy & LeadershipStop & Think! Marketing with impact in a digital age
Chatting & ThatBREAK
Talent MgtBuilding a dream team in a digital world
Martech StackingBuilding the ultimate Martech Stack
DataSupernova: Centralised Data Platforms (CDPs) blow sh*t up at The Economist
SearchSearch marketing – the state of SEO in 2017
Content & Social - Talent MgtContent marketing & talent Acquisition: the new power couple
Influencer MarketingSocial & Influencer marketing – Focusing on influencer marketing to supercharge your social media strategy
Automation & PersonalisationPersonalisation & automation – Orchestrating campaigns that go beyond the basics
Chatting & ThatCOFFEE BREAK
EmailOld channel, new tricks - how to supercharge your email marketing
Account Based Marketing (ABM)ABM – Implementing & developing an ABM strategy
Insight & AnalyticsMeasurability – Purifying & simplifying your metrics – seeing beyond vanity metrics & creating a sales attribution model you can trust
AI - Talent MgtArtificially Irrelevant: Is AI going to make you redundant, or create new marketing superheros?
Marketing Crystal BallThe marketing time machine - The future of martech – AI, AR, VR, IoT & beyond
Round UpClosing remarks
Drinks reception

About our speakers.

Hear from the world’s top martech ballers including; Scott Brinker, Travis Wright & Stewart Rogers – Onalytica’s No.1, 5 & 7 from their top 100 MarTech influencers.

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Scott Brinker - Martech Festival
Scott Brinker Travis Wright Stewart Rogers
Jaime Pham
Parry Malm - Martech Festival
Steve Lok Dr Christine Bailey Parry Malm Lukasz Zelezny
Saul Lopes