Who is the MarTech Alliance?

Howdy. We’re the MarTech Alliance, a marketing technology media company.

We're here to do one thing and one thing only - make marketing technology simple(r).

And how do we do this you might ask? We can help drive your digital transformation/optimisation with specific focus on marketing technology. We do this by delivering shit hot practical marketing technology learning programmes and producing shit hot #MarTechFest events series, which are a far cry from you traditional conferences. Say goodbye to your suits as comfort is key in the house of MarTech Alliance.

Now I bet your wondering who are the people behind the MarTech Alliance, well I think it's time for you to meet the A team.

Meet the A team.

An Irishman, Scotswomen, Aussie, Frenchie and Spaniard walk into an office...

We are a small but mighty bunch who wear many hats as marketing technologists, content creators, creatives, martech consultants, content marketers & social media marketers bring mixed experience, perspective & skills.

That's right muthaf*kas we multicultural and multi-skilled. Alexa play 'You're the Best' by Joe Esposito.

But we all share 3 common traits:

  • Practitioners – more than marketing theory and trending buzzwords, what we know, is from what we do first-hand. The proof is in our pudding sweet cheeks.
  • Doers – we believe in practical simple approach to everything, whether it be implementing the right tools or building your entire marketing technology strategy.
  • MarTech nerds – we simply love MarTech.

A bit more about us.

We’re here to help you drive your digital transformation with specific focus on marketing technology and have a bunch of amazing resources to keep you updated on the latest.

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