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Welcome to our Customer Data Platform (CDP) Directory. If you're looking for a CDP we've got your covered; from CDP types, functionality, customer company size, customer focus, industry focus & location. We're sure you'll find a CDP that fits your needs.

If you'd like a little help better understanding the CDP space check out our CDP Buyer Guide eBook. It'll help you select the right kind of CDP for you and you can come back here to find the perfect fit.

About Us

In today’s business landscape, where digital transformation is constantly accelerating, companies face three main customer data challenges.

  1. Too many data silos When several data sources individually store customer data, the result is a fragmented view of the customer and broken identities.
  2. The evolving data privacy concerns and regulations Over the past few years, customers have lost trust in a business’s ability to protect their personal data.As a result, governments have stepped in to apply tough privacy regulations (e.g. CCPA, GDPR etc.) with severe legal and brand reputation risks if companies are caught out of compliance. Companies now need to understand the consent and the purpose of their customer data. This way, consent and purpose are not lost when customer data moves from its original location to several downstream systems.
  3. Inability to manage large data volumes Internal IT or point-to-point solutions cannot keep up with the volume, variety, and velocity of customer data generated by today’s plethora of digital touch points.
SkyPoint Cloud helps companies solve these challenges by unifying all customer data sources, automating privacy compliance, and activating insights to deliver personalized customer experiences.

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Phone number: (503) 567 5522
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