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If you know how to arrange 500 or so words on a page in a witty, informed and engaging fashion then read on my friend.

Think you know a thing or two about marketing...particularly of the martech persuasion. You're in the right place.

Dying for a platform to shout about your thoughts, your fears, your martech feels? Then you sound like someone we'd swipe right on!


Writers wanted!

If you reckon you can wax lyrical about martech in a way that won't incite involuntary dozing then let us be your vessel.




Who the eff are the MarTech Alliance?

It's our sole mish to "Make Marketing Technology Simple". And how do we do that? 

We're frank and honest, we tell it how it is...there's no point in speaking exclusively in w@nky buzzwords and marketing acronyms. GTFO with that.

Ok, ok fine so acronyms are oft times a necessary evil, BC the internet and our unrelenting desire to save time/characters/get back to looking at cute doggos on Instagram. Proceed with caution.

We have an event #MarTechFest, you might have heard us mention it once/a thousand times. It's a cool, unpretentious event (we have a pool table and we put a hashtag in the name soooo..¯\_(ツ)_/¯..) that's held annually in October for one day where we gather some rad speakers, knock back a beer or two and mingle with like-minded martech-ers.

We're marketing and technology book nerds - audio, hardback mmmm we like em any which way especially in bed on a Sunday. We made a Book Club so we get to chat to the industry's biggest effing legends like Scott Galloway, Gary Vee and oh.. Richard Branson if we absolutely had to name drop a few.

Who we are looking for

You should be unabashedly passionate about marketing or tech. Be able to have a laugh at yourself...or at us - why not - and not afraid to share your opinions.

We're keen as mustard for a new perspective and welcome folks of all backgrounds, specialisms, walks of life and industries. 

The content

Well...martech obvs. More specifically the 4Ps of Marketing Technology, a frame work we developed because...well we're an agency and agency's love a Framework. As far as Frameworks go though, ours is top notch: The Four P's of MarTech: Plan, People, Platforms, Process define the fact that martech is more than bunch of tech tools. Have a peep because they should inform the direction of your own content submissions.


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