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COVID-19 Safety Measures 

Due to the current government guidelines, we’re thrilled to be back running our famous in-person events once again!

Please note that we will be monitoring the situation ongoing and will adapt where necessary in accordance with the latest government guidance on COVID-19 therefore, the information below may be subject to change.


Entry Requirements

Like many other events taking recommended precautions, we will require all ticket holders to demonstrate their COVID-19 status with an NHS Covid Pass before entering by providing either:

  • Proof of full vaccination – both doses received (with the second at least 14 days prior to the festival) 
  • Proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test taken within the 48hrs prior to arrival 
  • Proof of natural immunity based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days (including 10 days self-isolation following the result)

See COVID FAQs for more information.



Safety Measures

Further to checking the Covid-19 status of each individual attending the event, we have put additional safety measures in place once inside the venue:

  • We strongly encouraging everyone to wear masks, particularly in busier indoor areas
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available around the venue
  • We have carefully taken venue capacity into consideration to allow for social distancing measures
  • As well as all attendees to provide a negative lateral flow test, all staff will be required to do so too 


Register with Confidence

Should any unanticipated Government enforced activity arise due to COVID-19 that requires the event to be cancelled, we will be offering a 100% refund to all. 



  • How do I provide proof of vaccination?
You can show your status easily via the NHS COVID Pass on the NHS App by going to 'Get your NHS COVID Pass', and select 'Continue'.

Next select 'Domestic', you will then see a QR code which you can screenshot or download.

For more information on how to do this, please click here.

We recommend that you screenshot or download a copy of your NHS COVID Pass prior to arrival so that you have it ready to show at entry. Alternatively, you can show a printed copy.


  • How do I provide proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test?

Once you have taken your test, you will need to report your result on the NHS website here. You will receive a text or email notification confirming your negative test result, to present on entry, or you can demonstrate your negative test result via the NHS App.

A positive result from an NHS Lateral Flow Test means it’s likely you had coronavirus when the test was done. You and anyone you live with must not attend the event and self-isolate immediately. You are then advised to get a PCR test to confirm your result as soon as possible.


  • How do I provide proof of immunity?

If you’ve recently tested positive for COVID you may be eligible for immunity. You’ll need to show proof of a positive PCR test that was taken within the last 180 days but not within the last 10.

You can show your proof of immunity by locating your ‘COVID-19 records’ on the NHS app by going to 'Get your NHS COVID Pass', and select 'Continue'. Next select 'Domestic', scroll to the bottom, and click 'View COVID-19 records'.

You can then screenshot the proof of the positive PCR test result, including time and date.


  • How do I order Lateral Flow Tests?

Lateral flow tests are available free from pharmacies or can be ordered for next day delivery here.