The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Diversity Scholarship Terms & Conditions

What is the MarTech Alliance Diversity Scholarship

1 There is a significant under-representation of black employees within the marketing and technology industry, especially within senior management positions. The MarTech Alliance Diversity Scholarship aims to support the careers of black individuals and help diversify the industry.

2. Scholarships are awarded based on an application process, open to applicants who meet the critieria outlined in section 2.

Scholarship Details

3. The Diversity Scholarship is funded by MarTech Alliance and is specifically for black individuals who work in the marketing and technology industry.

4. MarTech Alliance are investing a lump sum of £100,000 across our learning, events, and membership for the next 12 months starting September 2020

5. Individual scholarships can vary from £49 - £1,539.


6. Applicants will only be able to apply for an award if they meet the following criteria:

6a. Work in the marketing and/or technology industries
6b. Your job title falls under the following:
      - Marketing leaders
      - Marketing Managers
      - Marketing Executives
      - Marketing Technologists
      - Technologists
      - Digital Transformation Managers
      - Agency MDs
      - Marketing Consultants
6c. Have one of the following categories of ethnicity: Black African, Black Caribbean; Black Other; Mixed – White and Black Caribbean; Mixed – White and Black African; or Other mixed backgrounds (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other)

7. Applicants who do not meet the above criteria are ineligible and will not be considered for the scholarship

Application process

8. The application form is available on our website and must submit a personal statement up to 500 words on how our learning and events will benefit them and impact their role at work.

9. Applications will be assessed internally by our team. All decisions are final

10. MarTech Alliance will notify unsuccessful applicants of the provisional outcome via email.

Withdrawal of Scholarship
11. We may remove the Scholarship immediately if;

11a. We are of the reasonable opinion that you have made any misrepresentation (whether negligently or intentionally) to us either in the respect of applying for the scholarship or during and in connection with learning course and/or events; or

11b. We are of the reasonable opinion that you have acted fraudulently or dishonestly in connection with securing your Scholarship with MarTech Alliance

12. In the event that your scholarship has been removed, you will be liable to pay us the monetary amount equating to your scholarship, immediately on demand

13. If an awarded individual decides to withdraw, the scholarship will terminate at the date of withdrawal. The scholarship may be reserved.

General Terms and Conditions

14. The scholarship is only valid for the duration of the learning course and any events stated on the website.

15. The scholarship cannot be exchanged and must be used the year advertised.

16. You may be required to make yourself available at reasonable notice for any publicity and marketing campaigns that we may want to run in connection with our scholarship schemes.

17. All individuals hereby irrevocably assign all or any rights upon application submissions to MarTech Alliance, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights and/or moral rights subsisting therein.