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Agenda -4Ps of Marketing technology

Plan & strategy - The why?

This is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Your martech plan and roadmap wraps around the customer journey, powers your channel marketing, delivers richer insight and accelerates your marketing strategy through to the business goals and customer experience.your marketing technology strategy & roadmap. From 2019/2020 martech industry insights to a framework for mapping marketing tech plan to your customer journey.

People & teams - The who?

The skills/training, people, partners and team structure needed to deliver your martech strategy. Marketing technologists or ops, platform partners, marketing automation managers, digital marketing operations managers, data scientists, growth hackers and more, all the way to emerging and disruptive tech that redefines roles as we know them today.

 Platforms, apps & ecosystems - The what?

From marketing tool selection to building and integrating your complete marketing stack, this is the technology enabling or optimising advertising and promotion, commerce and sales, content and experience, data, management plus social and relationships. This could be anything from email marketing, search, content, social, paid media, measurability, conversational marketing, multi-channel automation and personalisation, sales enablement – and essentially, data-driven/informed anything.

Process & operations - The how?

This is a two-parter: Implementation or the process of setting up your martech solution(s), and operations or the process of how the business runs with martech platforms in place. In both cases, it’s about speed, adaptability, rapid experimentation through to optimisation.

2020 Speaker Applications

We are now taking applications for both our #MarTechFest Global in London and #MarTechFest APAC in Sydney.

Applications close 31st March.

We believe in equal opportunity and strongly encourage the application of women, POC & LGBTQI+ and underrepresented minority groups

Speaker Guide

Who we're looking for;

  • People who think differently
  • People who aren't afraid to talk about failure
  • People with strong opinions
  • People from varied backgrounds

Not just about content, it's also about the delivery;

  • Relaxed, informal, playful
  • It’s not PG rated, feel free to swear freely if you’d like.
  • Punchy and practical advice and insights, mixed with unique research and statistics.
  • Advice and insights that can be transferable across B2B or B2C, a mix of industries and company sizes. Equally that is applicable for people at varying stages in their digital transformation.
  • Emotive and animated delivery – Projecting your session in such a way that reading an article or script for the session would be a completely different experience to you’re actually presenting it.
  • Unique and dynamic session delivery - do you have a creative way of presenting? A unique format idea? Let's chat.

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