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Speaker Applications

Session Topic & Format Focus

Martech unpacked & restacked for 2021 & beyond.

Sessions will cover a range of topics including:

  • Data & analytics
  • CX, journey automation & orchestration
  • Content, search & social tech
  • Workflow management & communication/digital working
  • Salestech & digital commerce
  • Marketing stack design & management
  • Martech people & teams
  • Martech process & operations
  • Martech strategy & trends
  • Marketing & technology books - Check out #MarketingBookClub.

With all events in the #MarTechFest Series we showcase how martech can:

  • Drive marketing efficiency
  • Better inform decision making & enable real measurability
  • Stitch, integrate & optimise your data sets & marketing channel activities
  • Empower marketers to move with speed & impact
  • Deliver personalisation & automation at scale
  • Redefine the customer experience & deliver true engagement
  • Improve audience analytics & intelligence

We have a range of speaker sesh format options including;

  • Standard sesh - 20mins to chat martech
  • Live Ask me anything (AMA) sesh - 10-15mins quick fire audience Q&A
  • Live interactive masterclass - 20-30mins practical session w/ exercises
  • Fireside chats - Chat w/ our CEO on the latest and greatest in martech
  • Micro love/hate martech sesh - 3mins to rant or rave about anything martech
  • Audio only sesh - 15min - 30min podcast sesh

2021 Speaker Applications

We are now taking applications for a series of events;

#MarTechFest Dial up on the internet - April 2021
#MarTechFest Global in London - October 2021
#MarTechFest APAC in Sydney - November 2021

Applications close 22nd February for the first event.

We believe in equal opportunity and strongly encourage the application of women, POC & LGBTQI+ and underrepresented minority groups

Speaker Guide

Who we're looking for;

  • People who think differently
  • People who aren't afraid to talk about failure
  • People with strong opinions
  • People from varied background

Not just about content, it's also about the delivery;

  • Relaxed, informal, playful
  • It’s not PG rated, feel free to swear freely if you’d like.
  • Punchy and practical advice and insights, mixed with unique research and statistics.
  • Advice and insights that can be transferable across B2B or B2C, a mix of industries and company sizes. Equally that is applicable for people at varying stages in their digital transformation.
  • Emotive and animated delivery – Projecting your session in such a way that reading an article or script for the session would be a completely different experience to you’re actually presenting it.
  • Unique and dynamic session delivery - do you have a creative way of presenting? A unique format idea? Let's chat.

Are you a vendor?
Your best opportunity of being selected is to have one of your brand side clients share their story of your solution.

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