The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Learning Hub

Marketing Leaders Symposium with Richard Shotton

Join us there for an evening of inspiration and insights, as we discuss the art of decision-making in modern day marketing and hear from our special guest speaker, Richard Shotton, author of the new advertising essential: The Choice Factory.


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AntiConLX DialUp with Scott Brinker

29th June 2022, Online

Martech WebSesh: How Greggs revolutionised their CX

7th Apr 2022

Martech Web Sesh: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. Registration opens soon.

LXA Sponsors Dinner for Martech Vendors

10th Nov 2022

The martech vendors growth playbook: Insights & actions to drive your 2023 growth. Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - Sydney

24th Nov 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.


25th Nov 2022, Sydney.

This one-day event will focus on 2023 trends, planning and predictions and feature world-class speakers

AntiConLX DialUp B2B: Designing & delivering amazing CX

14th Sep 2022, Online

Martech WebSesh: The Secret Ingredients to CX Excellence: Data, Design & Delivery

23rd Mar 2022

Martech Web Sesh: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. Registration opens soon.

AntiConLX Global: Joining the dots that power growth & CX in a digital world

1st Jul 2022, London

Marketing Leaders Dinner - Helsinki

19th Sep 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation in Helsinki.

AntiConLX DialUp B2B: 2022 Demand Generation Playbook Unpacked

10th Mar 2022, Online

AntiConLX DialUp B2C: The Definition of Data Driven Marketing Excellence

9th Mar 2022, Online

Marketing Leaders Dinner - London

20th Oct 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

AntiConLX DialUp B2B APAC: B2B Personalisation Perfection

3rd Mar 2022, Online

AntiConLX DialUp with Scott Galloway

4th May 2022, Online

AntiConLX DialUp B2C

15th Sep 2022, Online

Martech WebSesh: 2022 CX Trends decoded: From key report insights to case studies of rich DX activations

24th Feb 2022

Martech Web Sesh: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. Registration opens soon.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - London

18th Aug 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - Cologne

20th Sep 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

AntiConLX DialUp B2B - The 2022 B2B Demand Generation Playbook

Martech WebSesh: Martech & Marketing Ops Career Open Day

19th Jan 2022

Martech Web Sesh: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. Registration opens soon.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - Amsterdam

15th Jun 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation in Amsterdam.

AntiConLX DialUp B2C 2023 Marketing Planning & Predictions

8th Dec 2022, Online

AntiConLX DialUp B2B 2023 Marketing Planning & Predictions

7th Dec 2022, Online

AntiConLX Global: Where technology meets marketing, sales & experience

21st Oct 2022, London

Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Data Story' - Nancy Durate

An overview of what makes the perfect data story cocktail. A focus on empathy.

AntiConLX DialUp w/ Seth Godin

Marketing legend Seth Godin joins us on the virtual stage for a 30 minute Q&A. Catch the action on-demand.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - London

30th Jun 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

Marketing Leaders Symposium with Richard Shotton - London

19th May 2022

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.

AntiConLX DialUp: Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces of the Web

The dark underbelly of tech. Rising financial inequality and political strife. Italian Cooking and a big ol' pestle and mortar. Rand Fishkin explored all the biggest topics of our digital age in his..

Building a Sales & Marketing Operations Dream Team

Case study: The economist martech strategy

SUPERNOVA: Centralised Data Platforms blow sh*t up at The Economist

How to use data to enhance creativity and storytelling

Christine Bailey discusses the importance of using data to enhance our storytelling. Smart marketers blend data and insights to enhance creativity and storytelling. 

Driving your martech maturity - How to achieve journey orchestration excellence

We are moving away from a one size fits all platform to catering for new and diverse platforms. 

Marketing Campaigning - 8 Steps to Creating a Powerful Marketing Campaigns

8 Step Campaign Framework to creating a powerful marketing campaign. 

AntiConLX DialUp: Martech Won't solve Your $hit CX Journey Design

SHUT UP and Listen to your Smart Speaker

Maria Reyes, Marketing Director at Bauer Media talks about voice technology and how she ended up doing voice for Bauer.

The new B2B buyer journey – Wrapping your marketing strategy around new digitised buyer behaviours.

The journey of implementing  a MarTech stack and the effect that has had on the company.

Twitter's Role in Your Marketing Technology Strategy

Carlos Cantu speaks about what Twitter has to offer for brands. 

AntiConLX DialUp: Dear marketers and technologists, we need to talk about the shiny new tech you've got your eye on

When interrogating a best practise or shiny thing, S&S note that sometimes things ARE as good as they look. But this means that it might be good in another situation, and not yours directly. First..

4 Common Challenges Marketers Face and Why it's Time to Invest in Video

video marketing, story telling, video

A Methodology for Exceptional Marketing

A look into modern marketing and the effect of data on marketing. Creative teams are having to use data to reach the right audience. They need to provide maximum integration for happy collaboration..

Automating Your ABM Strategy..the wrong way

Mine big data for high quality small business owners and surround them with an automated, immersive omnichannel experience to increase awareness, preference and conversion. 

Building a Sales & Marketing Operations Dream Team for a $20 Billion Company: The Story So Far

Nina Bennet talks about building a dream team, what they have learned along the way and what's next.

CDPs - Marketing Platforms vs Pure Play - How do you decided which CDP is best for you?

CDP, customer data platform, data driven, SCV, omnichannel

Content marketing - Storytelling And Data: Why Emotional Data Is The Answer To MarTech

This video looks at the link between storytelling and data. Why emotional data is the answer to technology, time and trust. 

Content tech - The strategy and stack you need to reach a global audience

How to reach a global audience, using the MarTech Alliance's 4Ps

Increase advertising spend efficiency through conversion rate prediction 

20% of keywords never generated a conversion. This represents 22% of our spend in 2019 for paid search. This presentation looks at how to increase spend on advertising effectively. 

Geeking out on developing a customer centric product

This presentation looks at geeking out on developing a customer-centric product. Talking about how to address the customer needs and understand the customer problems to create the right experience. 

Customer Data Platforms in Action

A 3 people panel discusses the excitement of MarTech and the process of getting the best for a business 

Data & analytics - Test, Learn, Build, Repeat. Marketers Building for the Future

Fabio talks about the importance of having an agile approach to marketing.

Data as a Force For Good: A Chat About the Ethical Use of Data in Tech

Putting the customer at everything you do and the use of data for good.

Email Deliverability: A Journey to the Inbox

Email is the central strategy where customer engagement is built. Its the core thread, this presentation investigates the process of this. 

Half the money I spend on AI is wasted

Understanding why money spent on advertising is wasted, a look into return on investment and AI. 

How to audit your marketing stack

Carlos talks about the change in learning and Martech. 

How to Identify Your Operational Approach

Moni talks about the role of marketing operations and how to have a philosophical approach to operations. 

Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Alchemy' - Rory Sutherland

This discussion looks at peoples behaviour right now and what is going to be permeant and what is temporary. 

Journey orchestration design & execution – People, Process & Platforms

The future is faster than you think. This talk looks at the fact people have no idea how fast things are changing

Kim Kardashian and the Reality of Agile Web Optimization

A talk at AntiConLX Global by Jeff Eckman, CEO of Blue Green Brands 

Lost in the MarTech Maze? Discover How The Right Toolkits Can Unleash Your Full Marketing Potential

Marketo's Melanie Gipp takes the stage at AntiConLX Global (formerly #MarTechFest Global) in 2019. Watch her session.

Marketing apocalypse. How to build future-ready Marketing Services Centres of Excellence

An unprecedented number of unexpected circumstances have occurred. A perfect storm has completely changed the way companies operate in just a few months. 

Marketing Campaigning - Brands leading the conversation in times of crisis

The effects of 2020 on marketing and how to start a new marketing plan from scratch. 

Marketing Campaigning - Bringing true personalisation to the CX – integrating actionable data to the core of your marking

personalisaton, CX, customer experience, data driven, data informed

AntiConLX DialUp: How AI and No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

Martech: 2020 and Beyond

The MarTech ecosystem still has space for growth. 

Martech LeadGen & Marketing Automation Trends

Trends in marketing automation and lead generation in this year and the whole decade. 

AntiConLX DialUp: MOPs and simple tech hacks that can make your campaigns magical

MOPs help marketing campaigns play nicely with your marketing automation system, and with any other martech that touches the ecosystem that your teams may be responsible for.

Neuromarketing, the Science of Purchasing Behaviour: How to Use It Effectively to Attract and Convert More Prospects Into Customers

How to understand consumer behaviour, Flavilla looks at the effects of different elements such as emotions and sensory marketing on purchasing behaviours. 

AntiConLX DialUp: How to Drive Real Relationships, Reputation and Revenues

Search tech - No Wrong Answers: Search, Lies and Experiences

John talks about the challenges presented by search, opportunities that have come around by change and ways ahead. 

AntiConLX DialUp: Social Features, the Secret to Making Your App Memorable

Social listening - How to Better Understand Your Customers And Their Sources of Influence

How to better understand your customers and then sources of influence. 

Top 5 lessons to delivering a successful Marketing Cloud Implementation

This presentation looks at the recipe of success. 1. Vision and Strategy, 2. Data, 3. Process, 4. People and 5. Technology.

Supernova: Centralised Data Platforms blow sh*t up at The Economist

How social media can support your marketing in a post GDPR world


The missing piece of your martech puzzle: a CDP

Look at how a CDP can help us understand the customer experience and benefit your company. 

AntiConLX DialUp: The MOPs playbook - Crawl, Walk & Run Your Way To Success

We're all familiar with the 5 Pillars. Product, price, place, promotion and, most recently, people. Although we here at the LXA would also like to propose 'Party' be added to the list. Instead,..

The Opportunity for Brands in AR Commerce

This video looks at the power of AR, why the camera matters, the 3C's of camera marketing and creating scalable AR from home.

The power of ecosystem thinking for martech tech solutions and marketing tech agencies to drive product development, acquisition and customer success

A look into global technology channels and the millions of companies in the ecosystem.

The quest for marketing measurability in B2B

A presentation by Jamie about setting out to reach measurability of marketing in a complex, long-sales-cycle, enterprise B2B setting. 

The Rise of Marketing Operations: Building a path to business impact and career success. 

A presentation on marketing operations and how the industry is constantly growing and changing. He discusses how to achieve success and how your team can grow influence and impact and how to stand..

The science & the sales of ABM - Decoding the DNA of your ICP (ideal customer profile) to enable sales excellence

Decoding the DNA of your ICP. A look at a case study, methodology and takeaways. 

The Top 10 Instagram Engagement Hacks of All Time (and What's Clubhouse Got to Do with It?)

The secrets behind how Larry blew up his Instagram 

5 Practical (and Not So Obvious) Tips to Improve Your Marketing Automation Setup Today

This presentation looks the 5 not so obvious tips to improving your marketing automation. For instance, Tip 1: Track Data Source. 

10 Insights from 1000's of marketing stacks

Catch the founder and CEO of CabinetM Anita Brearton presenting at the inaugural AntiConLX Dial Up (formaerly #MarTechFest Dial Up) in 2020

What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

The great webinar bonanza. A look into what we've learnt from the events of 2020.

When Tech Alone is Not Enough: Shifting to a New Perspective

Alina talks about how companies still struggle to get the most out of their technology. 

Why Diversity Shouldn't Be A Buzzword or KPI

Why Diversity shouldn't be a buzzword or a KPI. The importance of diversity in the industry and how the industry can progress. 

Why Marketing Operations is the hottest rising profession & how you can capitalize on it

A talk about marketing operations and how organisations are now seeing how important marketing operations are.

Agile marketing in times of crisis

How to use agile principals and practices to work more effectively in crazy times of change.

Going back to the basics to avoid the buzzwords & BS

Watch Pulsar's presentation from AntiConLX DialUp on demand

CDPs - Architecting your data to your omnichannel delivery

With Harish Kundari, Martech & Digital Lead ASEAN/APAC - Coca-Cola

AntiConLX DialUp: Creating Predictable and Scalable Revenue

Marketing stacks - Developing a Scalable Martech Stack

Most marketers run into issues when trying to grow their existing stack. This presentation discusses how we can do better under pressure. This can be an opportunity to get the most out of your..

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing in 2021: Has anything really changed?

An inclusion marketing event; a 4 people conversation. An insight into diversity in the marketing industry.

Growth Hacking - The new growth playbook for enterprise corporations

A look into the change in buyer behaviour. B2B buyers now prefer to buy online when they have made a decision. 

Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Indistractable' - Nir Eyal

This interview discusses the book Indistractable and how to stay focus in the pandemic and non-pandemic time. It looks at the main distractions and how to focus away from them.

Managing Data Privacy - Legal + Marketing Technology

This presentation looks at data privacy and how you can manage your data privacy.

Social listening - Marketing to the New Mainstream: An agile approach to trend & audience intelligence

An agile approach to trend and audience intelligence. Combining conversational and behavioural data to help understand audiences. 

Predicting the Un-predictable: Strategies to Engage & Win with AI

A better understanding of AI technology and how they can be used.

The ingredients to successfully driving omnichannel personalisation at scale

The future of digital working - perspectives from a tribe of GenZ marketing consultants

Watch this session from Jay Richards, founder of Imagen Insights, a qualitative and quantitative insight sourcing company from the global Gen Z community.

Creativity & ML - Where Machine Learning Meets Human Creativity

AI is set to be the most disruptive force in marketing for the next 10-20 years. It will be part of the whole marketing ecosystem in the near future. It will impact every part of the business. 

Martech Web Sesh - A Marketers Guide: Privacy, Consent, and Personalisation in the Modern Privacy Era

MarTech Festival Insights - The State of Marketing Technology 2017

If you weren't fortunate enough to come to our MarTech Festival 2017, AntiConLX, you can still catch some of the highlights including the keynote session.