The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Learning Hub

Marketing Leaders Symposium with Richard Shotton

Join us there for an evening of inspiration and insights, as we discuss the art of decision-making in modern day marketing and hear from our special guest speaker, Richard Shotton, author of the new advertising essential: The Choice Factory.


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4 Common Challenges Marketers Face and Why it's Time to Invest in Video

video marketing, story telling, video

A Methodology for Exceptional Marketing

A look into modern marketing and the effect of data on marketing. Creative teams are having to use data to reach the right audience. They need to provide maximum integration for happy collaboration..

Automating Your ABM Strategy..the wrong way

Mine big data for high quality small business owners and surround them with an automated, immersive omnichannel experience to increase awareness, preference and conversion. 

Building a Sales & Marketing Operations Dream Team for a $20 Billion Company: The Story So Far

Nina Bennet talks about building a dream team, what they have learned along the way and what's next.

CDPs - Marketing Platforms vs Pure Play - How do you decided which CDP is best for you?

CDP, customer data platform, data driven, SCV, omnichannel

Content marketing - Storytelling And Data: Why Emotional Data Is The Answer To MarTech

This video looks at the link between storytelling and data. Why emotional data is the answer to technology, time and trust. 

Content tech - The strategy and stack you need to reach a global audience

How to reach a global audience, using the MarTech Alliance's 4Ps

Increase advertising spend efficiency through conversion rate prediction 

20% of keywords never generated a conversion. This represents 22% of our spend in 2019 for paid search. This presentation looks at how to increase spend on advertising effectively. 

Geeking out on developing a customer centric product

This presentation looks at geeking out on developing a customer-centric product. Talking about how to address the customer needs and understand the customer problems to create the right experience. 

Customer Data Platforms in Action

A 3 people panel discusses the excitement of MarTech and the process of getting the best for a business 

Data & analytics - Test, Learn, Build, Repeat. Marketers Building for the Future

Fabio talks about the importance of having an agile approach to marketing.

Data as a Force For Good: A Chat About the Ethical Use of Data in Tech

Putting the customer at everything you do and the use of data for good.