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There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


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Marketing Leaders Symposium with Richard Shotton

Join us there for an evening of inspiration and insights, as we discuss the art of decision-making in modern day marketing and hear from our special guest speaker, Richard Shotton, author of the new advertising essential: The Choice Factory.


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Martech News: Weekly Round-up 17/02/21

In this week's MarTech News: Reddit raises $250 million, ClickDimensions acquires Eletype, Reduct.Video raises $4 million and salestech provider, Skynamo acquires mSeller

What Comes After Third-Party Cookies? By OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Third-party cookies are about to crumble and it’s going to change the game for the marketing industry. So, what comes after third-party cookies? OneTrust sheds some light on everything marketers,..

Martech News: Weekly Round-up 10/02/21

In this week's MarTech News: HubSpot acquires The Hustle, Tealium raises $96M, Automattic acquires, Scratchpad secures $13 million, Storyblok raises $8.5M, Granulate Raises $30M and Avatria..

Reddit Raises $250 Million

As the Reddit trend continues to rise up and to the right, so does their funding. The company’s recent series E round of financing has brought home a total of $250 million.

Building a Marketing Data Team for Success. Go Far with Aligned Skills, Focus, and Structure

When teams and tech systems are siloed or fragmented, that means valuable customer data may also be. Learn how the right team can make a difference.

Top 5 Ways to F&#k Up Your Salestech

We're about to break down our top 5 ways to ensure your salestech gets well and truly f&#cked up. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Who Won the Super Bowl Ad War 2021?

In the annual battle of the ads, who won the Super Bowl Ad War 2021?

Customer Data Platform, Tealium Brings Home $96 Million

Tealium have just announced a whopper of a funding round, bringing home $96 million for the customer data platform.

Five Things Marketers Should Stop Doing in 2021

"Stop one-size-fits-all marketing" is just one of the five things you need to stop doing in 2021. Learn five things you should be doing to see the success in the coming year.

The New Digital Makerspace: Why Brands are Scaling Content Creation with DAM

Can a DAM be a digital makerspace? And what can we learn from physical makerspaces to make digital marketing collaboration better? Read to find out.

The 2021 SalesTech Landscape has Landed

Nancy Nardin and her trusty team at Smart Selling Tools have just released the 2021 SalesTech Landscape for the world to see.

Automation Isn't Threatening Creativity; It's Enabling It. Here's Why.

With many of today's creative professionals felling overburdened and under pressure, creative automation can be the helping hand your marketing team needs.