The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


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Women's History Month - Dr Christine Bailey

Meet Dr. Christine Bailey, Managing Director, SMB UK & Ireland | CMO at Valitor.

Women's History Month - Amy McManus

Meet Amy McManus, CEO/Founder of AM Marketing a full-service marketing agency based in the UK. Amy is a UK Women of the Future finalist, freeman of the London Guild of Entrepreneurs, an Associate..

Women's History Month - Amy Rodgers

Meet Amy Rodgers, Managing Editor, Research & Rankings at WARC. WARC's mission is to the save the world from ineffective marketing. They do this by providing the latest evidence, expertise and..

Women's History Month - Anita Brearton

Meet Anita Brearton, Founder/CEO of CabinetM. CabinetM help modern marketing teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need.

Women's History Month - Holly Chen

Meet Holly Chen, Growth Advisor. She advises early and growth stage B2B and B2C companies to unlock and scale growth opportunities. Holly also serve as interim Head of Marketing or Head of Growth for..

Women's History Month - Sinem Soydar Ganal

Meet Sinem Soydar Gßnal, Global Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Vodafone. She's a digital strategist with 17 years of digital transformation, marketing, communication, channel management and..

Women's History Month - Julie Alexander

Meet Julie Alexander, Head of Marketing at Relay42. Relay42’s platform for Intelligent Journey Orchestration empowers businesses to create meaningful customer relationships by utilizing smart..

Innovations That Are Shaping Marketing Tech in 2020

Innovation never ceases to move industries forward, and as we enter the new decade, it will continue to shape possibilities for marketing.

Meet the women of LXA

This International Women's Day, I'd like to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the badass women of the LXA team. (Full disclosure, one of those women is yours truly.)

Marketing Book Club: That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph, Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix joins our host Carlos to chat about his latest book 'That Will Never Work'.

The Best Marketing Events & Business Conferences for 2020

Planning on attending a marketing event in 2020? Not sure what to pick? The LXA has saved you the effort, and put together a comprehensive list of the best events in 2020!

Marketing Book Club: Delusions of Brandeur by Ryan Wallman

Ryan Wallman, doctor turned creative copywriter joins our host Carlos in this episode to chat about his latest book Delusions of Brandeur.