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Working Hard Hardly Working by Grace Beverley

Book Club Grace Beverly


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The Best Books in Marketing & Technology

Check out our definitive list of the best books in marketing and technology as featured in our Marketing & Tech Book Club.

happy sexy millionaire
Magic Journey-1
The Practice-1
Customer Data Platforms-1
The Real Business of Blockchain-1
99 strategies to get customers-1
No Filter-1
No Rules Rules-1
The Inevitable-1
The Catalyst-1
Invent & Wander-1
Customer insight strategies book cover-1-1
Post Corona
Choice Factory
Conversation Marketing by David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt
Finding my Virginity by Richard Branson
The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway
The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek
Be More Pirate book cover
Delusions of Brandeur cover
Marc Randolp Book Cover-2
Rory Sutherland Book Cover
Nir Eyal Book Club
Data Story Book