MarTech Recruitment

MarTech Recruitment

MarTech recruitment. Much more than forwarding mountains of CVs to you, we qualify our candidates fully.

MarTech Recruitment

We understand that with the changing nature of marketing you may find yourself hiring for a role you’re less familiar with and therefore can’t ask some of the more pressing questions to really assess if the interviewee is the right match. We’ll take away some of the pain of recruitment.

  • We make it simple, snappy – less of your time interviewing, while making sure you build the best possible team
  • We can prepare your job description, marketing buzzworded no less
  • We chat to all candidates before passing them over to you to review
  • And our exclusive focus on digital marketing across everything we do means we have the best candidate pool

We cover a multitude of roles but most commonly work on vacancies for:

  • CMO/SVP of Marketing/Marketing Director
  • Heads of Digital
  • Heads/Managers of CRM
  • Directors/Heads of Data and Analytics
  • Marketing Automation Architects/Technical Marketing Automation Leads
  • Directors/Heads of Marketing Technology (MarTech)
  • Programme Directors

#1 Brief & planning

  • Meet the client face to face and see the work
  • Review of job spec
  • Identify key candidate requirements
  • Benchmark client expectations with the market to ensure expectations are aligned

#2 Research & Networking

  • Client business research; key competitors, market challenges, target audience
  • Candidate database search
  • Thought leader network outreach for candidate recommendations
  • LinkedIn extensive search

#3 Headhunt & Agency Interview

  • CV/LinkedIn review
  • Prospective candidates interviewed
  • Short list developed

#4 Review & Qualification

  • CVs with consultant notes presented
  • Reference checks
  • Expectations alignment – role specificity, financials and benefits

#5 Client Interview

  • Debrief and prep candidates
  • Client 10min qualifying call
  • Client face to face interview
  • Client and candidate feedback shared

#6 Candidate Offer

  • Present the client offer
  • Prepare for ‘counter offer’ situations
  • Get candidate offer acceptance & confirm candidate start date
  • Meet the candidate after the 1st week for a coffee to get feedback on the role
  • Chat with the client to ensure they are happy


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