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MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 12/05/21

What’s the Difference Between First-Party and Third-Party Data? A Marketer’s Guide

Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced

The State of Branding Report 2021— Key findings

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 05/05/21

How To Create Human Engagement in a Digital World

The Website Relaunch Survival Guide: Executing a Creative Redesign

Customer Spotlight: How Bynder Helps Klarna Accelerate Growth with Smooth, Consistent Branding

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 28/04/21

What Are the Problems With Influencer Marketing, and How can AI solve them?

How and Why to Drive Customer Loyalty and Word of Mouth with CX

10 Great Virtual Conferences You Have to See

Creativity and scaling content creation in the age of automation

What is the Difference Between First- and Zero-Party Data?

Centre for Marketing Transformation: 2021 Digital Experiences Benchmarks Annual Report

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 21/04/21

What CMOs Must Consider When Relaunching Their Brand Websites

What is Preference Management?

What’s the Difference Between Creative Ops and Design Ops Anyway?

Infographic: What Comes Next in the Omnichannel Experience?

Can Social Feature SDKs Help Boost Your App’s User Engagement?

Truly Data-Driven: Practical applications of data (and do you need a data and analytics team?)

Remain Competitive By Adding Social Features To Your App

Introduce Intelligence to Customer Experience: An Evolution Framework for Intelligent Decisioning

A Data-First, Customer-Driven Approach to Digital Transformation

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 14/04/21

Feeling Sociable? Find Out How to Improve your Customer's Social Experience

What is Customer Management, and Why is it so Important?

Managing Data Privacy - Legal + Marketing Technology

How to Audit Your Marketing Stack

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing in 2021: Has anything really changed?

What I learned from scaling from 1 to 20 webinars per quarter

Five Key Questions to Ask Your Martech Vendor About Acquisition & Enrichment

Driving your Martech Maturity - How to Achieve Journey Orchestration Excellence

Why Half of the Money I Spend on AI is Wasted

Automating Your ABM Strategy... The Wrong Way

Why Marketing Operations is the Hottest Rising Profession and how You can Capitalize on it

What Is BitClout and Should I Care?

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 31/03/21

How to Drive Real Reputation, Relationship, Revenues (Spoiler: It's much more the tech)

The Ingredients to Successfully Driving Omnichannel Personalisation

Dear Marketers and Technologists, We Need to Talk About the Shiny New Tech You’ve Got Your Eye On

How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker

A Common Sense Approach to Creating Exceptional Customer Experience

Q&A: Meet...Dial Up Speaker Carey Straetz

Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces of the Web

Q&A: Meet... Dial Up Speaker Jacki Leahy

Using Clubhouse and More to Grow Your B2B Instagram

Q&A: Meet... Dial Up Speaker Paula Shannon

Q&A: Meet... Dial Up Speaker Kimmah Shah

Content tech - The Strategy and Stack you Need to Reach a Global Audience.

Why Ecosystem Thinking is the Key to Martech Agency and Vendor Success

How To Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue

What is the ROI of brand equity, and how does DAM serve as insurance for your brand?

Integrate's CMO on the Launch of their Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP)

Message Received: Why Conversational Text Marketing Works

Searching for Meaning: Alternatives to Google Offering Added Extras, from Privacy to Planting Trees.

How to F#&k Up your Martech Stack

The Bestest and Most Funnest Marketing Books Money Can Buy

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 24/03/21

Mm Whatcha Say? The Power of Social Listening

Report: Next Generation of Personalisation Technology

Deepfake's Potential Impact on Content Creation

WTF NFT - The Top 10 NFTs You Can Buy Right Now

How to Go Beyond the Webinar

The Dangers of Automation Without Orchestration

How Many Categories Should Sit in My Stack?

Data Smart: Considering Your Data Gathering Strategy

Amazon Overtakes Walmart as Top Clothing Retailer in the US - and What This Means for Ecommerce

CGI Influencers: The (sci-fi) Future of Influencer Marketing?

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 17/03/21

What is Social Selling and Why is it Trending?

Evaluate Best Practices with a Framework for Customer Engagement Maturity

David Keens on How the Identity Space is Evolving

Celebrating Women in Martech - Year-round!

Q&A: Lauren Patrick from Curricula

Q&A: Annette Ochoa from Lilt

Q&A: Laura Merten from Capita

Q&A: Nikki Raber from Integrate

Q&A: Emily Ann Kolvitz from Bynder

Q&A: Flavilla Fongang from 3 Colours Rule

Q&A: Elsa Coleaux from Treatwell

Q&A: Jessica Kao from Digital Pi

Q&A: Andy Caron from Revenue Pulse

Q&A: Brooke Bartos from Walker Sands Communications

Q&A: Stephanie Hanson from OneTrust

Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry Part 2!

About Paco: The Martech Mad Pug

Take a look at the 2021 European Martech Supergraphic

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 10/03/21

Investment managers Schroders talk scaling creative operations across 30+ markets with Bynder

How Digital Asset Management Helps Companies Boost their Social Media Marketing

Examining Various Use Cases for a CDP

WTF NFT - What, why, how of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Are apps like Clubhouse changing the world of audio marketing?

Tap into Data to Drive Birthday and Milestone Campaigns

A Marketer's Why, What and When using Mobile Data

Meet the Women of MarTech Alliance 2021

Q&A: Amandine Boitel Servain from Cheetah Digital

Q&A: Tabitha Adams from Integrate

Q&A: Ashley Langford from Integrate

Q&A: Adriana Jones Lima from OneTrust

Q&A: Andrea Clatworthy from Fujitsu

Q&A: Moni Oloyede from Fidelis Cybersecurity and DC Marketing Tech Talks

Q&A: Regan Hamilton from Integrate

Q&A: Paula Shannon from Lilt

Q&A: Sharon Winterton from Catalina USA

Q&A: Christina Zuniga from Databricks

Q&A: Courtney Tobe from AvidXchange

Q&A: Veronica Lazarovici from Alma

Women in Martech: Building Support, Promoting STEM, and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

Q&A: Meet the Women Changing the Martech Industry

Hopin takes even more investment - what does this tell us about the events tech space?

A History of Boxever

A history of Brandwatch, the company acquired by Cision

Using Data & Technology to Create a Personalised Customer Experience

Tech that is transforming traditional reading

Book Of The Month - The Practice

SOPs (Sales Operations Professionals): The Role Explained

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 03/03/21

The Absolute Best Brand Experiences of 2020

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 24/02/21

2021 is The Year of The CDP

Salestech Continues to Explode: Highspot Raises $200 Million

The Absolute Best Brand Experiences of 2020: Top 5 Vertical Trends

Retailers Must Prepare to Scale in the Post-Covid Commerce Boom

How Creative Automation Tools Can Help Teams Elevate Marketing Personalization

Who Should Own the Salestech Budget? Marketing or Sales?

What Comes After Third-Party Cookies? By OneTrust PreferenceChoice

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 17/02/21

Reddit Raises $250 Million

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 10/02/21

Top 5 Ways to F&#k Up Your Salestech

Building a Marketing Data Team for Success. Go Far with Aligned Skills, Focus, and Structure

Who Won the Super Bowl Ad War 2021?

Customer Data Platform, Tealium Brings Home $96 Million

Five Things Marketers Should Stop Doing in 2021

The New Digital Makerspace: Why Brands are Scaling Content Creation with DAM

The 2021 SalesTech Landscape has Landed

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 03/02/21

Automation Isn’t Threatening Creativity; It’s Enabling It. Here’s Why.

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Post Corona by Scott Galloway

Uncaged Wisdom 2.1 on The Evolution of Loyalty Programs Within the Grocery & Supermarket Industry

The Top 4 Salestech Trends in 2021

Top Martech Books

5 Marketing Predictions You Can Not Ignore (And Will Help You Win)

CDPs Continue to Boom as Bloomreach Acquires Exponea

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 27/01/21

Scheduling Start-Up, Calendly Raises $350M

CDP Vs. CRM: What’s the Difference and Why Do I Need One?

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Indistractable by Nir Eyal

WebSesh: 2021 Martech Predictions Write Up

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Customer Data Platforms by Martin Kihn and Chris O’Hara

Sitecore Receives a Record Breaking $1.2 Billion Investment

Zero-Party Data: An Explainer

What a CMO Needs to Know to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform (CDP)

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 20/01/21

Marketing & Tech Book Club: DataStory by Nancy Duarte

Where Does Influencer Marketing End and Ad Fraud Begin?

How to Map Influencer Marketing to Long-Term Sales (Hint: It’s a Data Strategy)

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 13/01/21

2021 Marketing Predictions

The Biggest Martech Deals of 2020

Best Marketing Books 2021

Making the Pivot to a Digital-First Strategy During COVID-19: 5 Useful Tips from Acquia Customers

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 16/12/20

Marketing & Tech Book Club: 99 Strategies to get Customers by Flavilla Fongang

Is Gmail, Youtube and Google Down?

How to Create World-Class Creative Production Process Using Smart Templates & Automation

The Holy Grail for Digital Experience: A Self-Guided Customer Journey

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 09/12/20

Why You Should Make Room in Your Stack for a CDP

Gartner’s Top Marketing Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

Marketing & Tech Book Club: Customer Insight Strategies by Christine Bailey

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 02/12/20

Salesforce Signs the Deal with Slack for $27.7 Billion

5 Ways Your Data Will Help You Build an Amazing Customer Experience

Salesforce in Talks to Buy Slack Technologies

Adobe Expands Customer Data Platform to Include B2B Sales

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 25/11/20

Why Did Twilio Acquire Segment?

“The Different Flavours of a CDP”

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 18/11/20

Scott Brinker’s 5 Insights Into The Martech Trend: of “No Code” Citizen Creators

Could Your Data be the Key to Delivering an Amazing Customer Experience?

Could Onzoom Take on Eventbrite?

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 11/11/20

How Do You Up Your Webinar Game?

“How to Identify Your Operational Approach”

“The Rise of Marketing Operations”

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 03/11

“How Personalisation Efforts Can Help Customer Experience… But Also Worsen it.”

MarTech News: Weekly Round-Up 27/10

How to Write the Business Case for Your Digital Transformation

Martech News: Weekly Round-Up 20/10/20

4 Virtual Events You Don't Want to Miss

Martech News: Weekly Round-Up 13/10/20

A Day in the Life of Nick Epstein

A Day in the Life of Flavilla Fongang