by Ella, on 27 October, 2018

Scott Brinker is often credited with bringing marketing technology to the forefront, knowingly nicknamed the martech's 'godfather'. Nothing gives greater weight to this titular than this profound and industry-specific read. The …

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by Ella, on 26 October, 2018

Emily Chang is an American journalist, author and current Bloomberg TV anchor. More than anything else, she is an unlucky player in the man's game of Silicone Valley. Her book, …

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by Ella, on 25 October, 2018

Simon is an author, founder and visionary. He wrote the global bestseller Start with Why in 2009 and its subsequent Ted Talk has become the third most-watched video of all time. Why we …

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by Ella, on 18 October, 2018

David Raab is a marketing technology expert, independent consultant and author of literally thousands of articles on the subject of martech and analytics. David is also the founder of the Customer …

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by Ella, on 11 October, 2018

Vala Afshar is a Chief digital evangelist, author and Twitter storyteller. He contributes weekly technology, business and leadership articles to a variety of publications, as well as co-hosting a weekly video …

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