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Carlos Doughty

Carlos Doughty

Founder and Marketing Technologist at MarTech Alliance

Recent Posts by Carlos Doughty:

by Carlos Doughty, on 17 August, 2020

Following the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement, we at MarTech Alliance have launched our Martech Diversity Scholarship. The movement has made us both as a company and as individuals take a step back and …

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Topics:MarTechMust seeDiversity Scholarship

by Carlos Doughty, on 16 July, 2020

Last month I buddied up with Scott Vaughan to deliver a couple of #MarTechFest Turn Tables (our spin on virtual roundtables) for B2B marketing leaders. As Chief Growth Officer of …

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Topics:MarTechmarketing reports

by Carlos Doughty, on 1 August, 2019

Martech. Small word, mad world. There’s no getting away from the fact that most marketers don’t seem to feel fully at home with marketing technology – and that needs to …

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Topics:MarTech4Ps of Marketing Technology

by Carlos Doughty, on 29 August, 2018

(If you're looking for the 2020 version of our martech landscape head here). For the Martech community, the annual release of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is a huge day …

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Topics:MarTechMust seeMartech Landscape

by Carlos Doughty, on 9 August, 2018

I was recently invited to the Gartner marketing briefing; ‘Excelling Through Digital Disruption in the World of Marketing’. This event had an illustrious collection of speakers, including: Andrew Frank, Prof …

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by Carlos Doughty, on 18 July, 2018

Coining ‘bull$hit buzzwords’ in the marketing industry has become an epidemic. The issue isn’t actually with the terms themselves (they are often useful), but with the overuse, or nonsensical use, …

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