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by Ella, on 22 February, 2019

Through his "marketoons" Tom Fishburne has made marketers chuckle for more than 15 years. 'Your Ad Ignored Here', is a marketing diary of doodles from over the years that anyone in marketing …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubTom Fishburne

by Ella, on 8 February, 2019

Digital isn't a thing, it's everything. Buzzwords and complex acronyms are being thrown around, but no-one is really aware of what change means. Business leaders are feeling the heat to quickly …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubTom Goodwin

by Ella, on 21 January, 2019

It's no secret we fine folks at the MarTech Alliance, like...nay - LOVE a good marketing and technology book. Here's a list of must read books for you to devour in …

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Topics:Must see

by Ella, on 18 January, 2019

Think you know marketing? Seth Godin's most recent book makes you question everything you thought you knew. Superstar of the marketing world, Seth has written the quintessential handbook for anyone …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubSeth Godin

by Ella, on 15 January, 2019

Definitive Chief Customer Officer Jeanne Bliss delivers a must read  for business owners who work within any vaguely customer-centric sphere. In her most recent book, Would You Do That To Your Mother …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubJeanne BlissInspiring Women

by Ella, on 14 January, 2019

Marketing leader Roland Smart has provided marketers with a step-by-step guide for how to adopt more customer-centric, hands-on; AGILE strategies. As customers become harder to please, a truly positive customer experience has become harder to …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubMust see

by Ella, on 1 November, 2018

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. That cannot be debated. Their longevity however can be. Scott Galloway is a NYU professor and …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubScott Galloway

by Ella, on 27 October, 2018

Scott Brinker is often credited with bringing marketing technology to the forefront, knowingly nicknamed the martech's 'godfather'. Nothing gives greater weight to this titular than this profound and industry-specific read. The …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubScott Brinker

by Ella, on 11 October, 2018

Vala Afshar is a digital marketing evangelist, author and Twitter storyteller. He contributes weekly technology, business and leadership articles to a variety of publications, as well as co-hosting the weekly …

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Topics:Who Is..Vala Afshar

by Ella, on 20 September, 2018

Content marketing masters, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi take us to the very edge of marketing. Marketing is not just a cost to be endured, but an significant profit centre in …

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Topics:Marketing & Tech Book ClubRobert RoseJoe Pulizzi