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There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Marketing & Tech Book Club: Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin

Book cover of Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin

Digital isn't a thing, it's everything. 

Buzzwords and complex acronyms are being thrown around, but no-one is really aware of what change means.

Business leaders are feeling the heat to quickly adopt new technology and new digital concepts. No business wants to be left behind, and as a result many rush to embrace the latest trends before their business is quite prepared for it.

Tom Goodwin cuts through all the unnecessary complexity and helps marketers understand the future before they start preparing for it.

Tom Goodwin's Digital Darwinism uses case studies and smart illustrative examples to communicate how to survive the new digital climate before it bowls us all over.


We chatted with Tom about his fantastic book as part of our Marketing & Technology Book Club 

Here's a sneaky clip:

Tom Goodwin Interview


Tom Goodwin is the quintessential digital disrupter and in this episode of Marketing & Tech Book Club, we got Tom to dish on what excites (and frustrates) him about the industry. 

Tom himself has admitted that his book, Digital Darwinism, was borne out of a fair amount of anger and frustration. While he acknowledges that not every company is "screwed" by technology or needs to change, he wants less caution and more excitement towards what it can offer.

"There are a lot of companies that need to get excited about technology. They need to embrace it and think of it in a much more profound and existential way"

 Piqued your interest? Listen to the full interview below:


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