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The Top Nine Misused and Overused Marketing Buzzwords

by Carlos Doughty, on 18 July, 2018

Coining ‘bull$hit buzzwords’ in the marketing industry has become an epidemic.

The issue isn’t actually with the terms themselves (they are often useful), but with the overuse, or nonsensical use, of them.

(See my list below – I had to hard stop at nine before I really lost the plot). It’s not every marketer – there is a divide between those who shamelessly spit out buzzword after buzzword like they are paid for each one, and those who use them only when helpful. 

I realised it had gotten so bad, I contemplated planting made up buzzwords just to mess with the buzzword crazed marketers. Maybe ‘marketing megatron’: meaning powerful, machine based, transformational, programmatic marketing – hang on, I might just have something (trade mark pending).

Marketing buzzworders – enough please. We get it, you want us to know you’re a digital marketer. Guess what, that’s still possible without using your marketing thesaurus. Part of really understanding and communicating marketing is saying it like it is. Jargon has its place, but using it to impress, or confuse to feel some sense of marketing superiority is plain idiotic.

Here’s my top nine of the most mis- and over- used terms and what they really mean…

  • Growth hacking – lots of testing
  • Social selling – do you mean you sent someone an inmail even though you had their email address already?
  • Omnichannel marketing – using more than one marketing channel
  • Marketing funnel/customer journey – what happens before someone registers
  • Engagement – so you mean someone clicked through on an email?
  • Retargeting – friendly(ish) stalking for marketers
  • Nurturing – marketing hugs and strokes
  • (MQL/SQL) Marketing/Sales qualified leads – someone is semi-interested in buying something
  • 360 Marketing – spinning around shouting out marketing buzzwords

Drop us a comment with your faves.