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The Fundamentals & Essentials
of Marketing Operations


March 2021 | Online | $1,767
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8 weeks, mix of on-demand and live
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Refresh, formalise and elevate your marketing ops knowledge and skills to drive your company and career.

Join the only global certification programme in marketing ops.

The course is packed with everything from marketing ops organisation fit to campaign ops, administration, sales enablement, budgeting and reporting, to tech and project management  - and everything in-between. 

  • Embrace best practice marketing ops management
  • Drive martech utilisation
  • Support marketing & sales enablement & alignment 
  • Reduce data risk exposure
  • Optimise campaign execution
  • Elevate programme & project management
  • Advance reporting & measurability practices
  • Drive greater ROT across the marketing function
  • Boost marketing ROI - and the value of MOPs

Meet the Trainer

Darrell Alfonso

Global Marketing Operations Manager
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Marketing ops leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Named one of the 'Top MarTech Marketers to Follow' 2020 by MarTech Alliance
  • Regular Keynote Speaker
  • Awarded Fearless Marketer 2018
  • Marketo Champion 2018 and 2019
  • VP of Communications American Marketing Association 2017-2019
  • Marketo User Group Leader 2017-2019
  • Leading Program Manager for Connect@Amazon (35,000 member Amazon organization)
  • Marketo and Salesforce Certified
Darrell Alfonso Hexagon New

Course Format

Where EdTech meets MarTech

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June 2021 enrolment now open

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Testimonials from our other courses

I highly recommend the 4Ps of marketing technology course to any marketing ops professional interested in professional growth and advancement. It presents both a great opportunity to connect and network with leaders in the Martech space, and also to engage with the rich content and use cases provided in the program to address challenges many organizations deal with today, and I dare say will continue to in future.
Head of Marketing Operations, Facebook


This course provided some fundamental information and frameworks specific to the MarTech space, which I will be using in our business to drive better Marketing.
Senior Marketing Automations & Operations Manager, Gamesys

Who should enrol?

Care about marketing operations? You should. MOPs is big business and it’s deeply ingrained in all your marketing activity…

Fundamentals and Essentials of Marketing Operations Programme



Module 1: Introduction to Marketing Operations

  • What is marketing operations?
  • The history and evolution of marketing operations
  • Defining MOPS and SOPs success
  • Course exercise

Module 2: Marketing Ops Organisational fit

  • Creating marketing operations charter
  • Organising the team and responsibilities to support goals
  • Aligning platforms, tools, and technical resources
  • Introduction to the marketing operations roadmap
  • Course exercise



Module 3: Marketing Technology Tool Management

  • Core martech and salestech platforms
  • The essentials of vendor selection
  • Best practice for getting the most from your stack
  • Creating your martech ecosystem map
  • Course exercise

Module 4: Marketing Operations Administration-Part I

  • Governance and the goals of system admins
  • System stability and performance
    • Security
    • Uptime
    • Email deliverability
  • Lead management
    • Lead lifecycle
    • Lead scoring
    • Lead routing
  • Course exercise

Module 5: Marketing Operations Administration-Part II

  • Marketing compliance and consent
    • Data privacy, trust and its impact commercially
    • Protecting customer consent
    • Data management - existing and new data sources
    • Preference centre best practice
  • Database Health and Hygiene
    • Improving data quality
      • Data enrichment
      • Data validation
      • Normalisation
    • Removing data pollution
      • Deduplication
      • Removal of fraud
      • Combat spam
    • Data quality measurement
  • Course exercise

Module 6: Marketing Operations and Campaign Operations

  • The relationship between marketing operations and campaign operations
  • Building campaign excellence-Moving from multi-channel and product centric to omnichannel and customer centric
    • Marketing automation, personalisation and orchestration
      • Data decisioning
      • Journey design/customer experience design
      • Content; creatives, copy, events
      • Activation; email, paid media
    • Lead nurturing best practice
    • Testing, optimisation and measurability
  • Course exercise

Module 7: Sales and Marketing Enablement-Empowering Teams

  • Defining enablement success for your organisation
  • Creating effective marketing and martech documentation and resources
  • Building internal platform, tool adoption plans
  • Measuring enablement
  • Course exercise

Module 8: Marketing Budgeting, Reporting and ROI

  • Marketing budgeting framework
  • What should be in the MOPs dashboard
  • Tactical vs strategic measurability 
  • Defining reporting outcomes to reverse engineer what matters, and what should be measured
  • Course exercise

Module 9: Effectively Managing Marketing Operations Programs/Projects

  • Prioritising marketing operations projects
  • Creating a marketing operations roadmap
  • Managing complex projects across teams and platforms
  • Working with technical teams
  • Measuring marketing operations productivity
  • Course exercise

Module 10: Demonstrating the Value of Marketing Operations

  • Tying marketing operations to business success
  • How MOPs tangibly deliver ROI & ROT
  • Garnering support from business leadership
  • Making the case for headcount, resources and new initiatives
  • Course exercise

Module 11: Summary and the future of Marketing Operations

  • Key takeaways
  • How to keep advancing marketing ops skills and knowledge
  • Predictions for the future of marketing ops
  • Final thoughts

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GBP - £1,250
EUR - €1,460.95
AUD - $2,290
USD - $1,770

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