Taster Sesh/Q&A: Fundamentals of Martech Course

Marketing Technology

Taster Sesh/Q&A: Fundamentals of Martech Course

Thursday 28th January, 3:00 - 3:30pm GMT

Limited space available 

We’re officially accepting applicants for The Fundamentals of Martech Digital Learning Course, starting on the 1st of March. However, we realise that sometimes you need to go for a little test drive before you seal the deal.

So, we’ve created a taster session to whet your appetite!

In this 30-minute course introduction, you’ll get:

  • Common pitfalls of martech management
  • An overview of the course curriculum & how it can help drive your martech ROI & career
  • A walk through of the course structure & platform
  • Feedback from the previous cohort
  • Meet and greet with the course instructor

But why martech? MarTech is kind of a big deal and is growing massively.

The Fundamentals of Martech is about helping marketers realise the potential of marketing tech in practical terms.

Like any project, investment or marketing initiative, clarity on the business goals has to be the starting point. As obvious as that sounds it often just ain’t so. Every single martech project or platform must be helping drive your business aim, its marketing strategy and the customer experience. Every CMO’s marketing strategy needs a core pillar dedicated to marketing technology to get it all aligned.

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