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Best Zoom Backgrounds

by Ellen Corsie, on 9 April, 2020

For all us of working at home enduring endless conference calls it’s time to add a little fun into the mix and switch up your backdrop.

Whether you’re on a team meeting, important conference call, interview or hosting a virtual pub quiz for your mates it’s time to spice up your zoom background. So, I’ve taken the liberty to compile together the pièces de résistance zoom backgrounds for you to use on your next conference call (chef’s kiss) – you can thank me later.

1. Joe Exotic - The Tiger King

Tiger King

If you turn on twitter every meme is about the Tiger King. Let your colleagues decided if Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers.

2. Everything is fine

Everything is fine

Since we have entered a global pandemic it’s safe to say the image above perfectly depicts how we’re all feeling.

3. The Office

The Office

If you don’t know where this background is from, please leave.

4. The local

The local

Feel pure shite, I just want her back.

Don’t know about you but I am missing my local pub so have those Friday pints in your own virtual pub.

5. The BBC news kid

BBC news kid

If you live in the UK, you know exactly who this child is so why not have her interrupt your zoom meeting.

6. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Do the ultimate flex and show off the copious amounts of toilet paper you have to your colleagues. That’ll show them who’s boss.

7. An actual office background

Actual office

Reminisce on the days when you used to actually work in an office.

8. The world's most famous selfie

famous selfie

You can now join some of the most high-profile celebs in the world with this zoom background.

9. The distracted boyfriend meme

distracted boyfriend meme

Give yourself a little bit of a confidence boost by having someone else’s boyfriend checking you out throughout a conference call.

10. Take a trip to flavour town

flavour town

Hang out with Guy Fieri in space tossing a salad (I think...), cause why not.

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