The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


Not to be Missed Sessions at AntiConLX Global

Excited for AntiConLX Global? You should be! There ain't no party like an LXA party, after all. 

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We’ve just released the first edition of our almighty agenda for AntiConLX Global and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s more jam-packed than your marketing stack.

So, we're putting together a little list shouting about just a few of the fantastic sessions happening at our anti-conference. 

AntiConLX Global is all about throwing away the bland conference traditions of dry sandwiches, awkward networking, and beige hotel halls.

Self-professed martech nerd and LXA founder Carlos Doughty came up with the solution to every bad conference you've been to. And we know there's been a few. He vowed to create a unique space for his fellow salestech, martech, and nexttech enthusiasts to come together, to chat, learn, network, and share. 

In the words of our founder Carlos: 
"We live to deliver exceptional learning experiences, helping our community keep upgrading their skills, knowledge and network. Put simply, we help people do their job better, so they have less stress, more fun, meet interesting people and keep kicking their career up a gear."

Our not-to-be-missed picks of the day include:

🧡 Join the State Customer Experience (CX) 2022 sesh – CX Insights & trends from over 200 CMOs

🔮 Crystal ball time w/ Steven Bartlett as we look into nexttech; marketing, sales and CX in Web3 & the metaverse

📈 Take a peek at the 2022 UK MarTech & SalesTech Landscape which is released live on the day

📚 Book club pop up – We sit down with a secret author from our book club to ask all your questions

But let's take a look behind the scenes at some of our keynote sessions and speakers, starting with:

Beyond Mars & Venus: A practical guide for improving S&M communication in a digital world with Christine Bailey

Dr Christine Bailey is the CMO of PassFort, a SaaS RegTech provider, which specialises in the automation of anti-financial crime and compliance processes. Very MI5, if you ask us. 

Prior to this, she was Managing Director, SMB UK, at Valitor, a European payment solutions company.

A respected thought-leader and public speaker with two TEDx Talks, Christine recently appeared in Onalytica’s ‘Who’s Who in FinTech’ guide. She is a published author of “Customer Insight Strategies: How to understand your audience and create remarkable marketing” and contributing author of The PAYTECH book. She has a doctorate (DBA) in customer insight and is on the advisory board of EWPN (European Women in Payments Network).

Christine has spent her career in B2B Tech and FinTech marketing roles, leading European marketing functions for Hewlett-Packard and Ciscom as well as for pre-IPO companies. And now she'll be speaking on the martech stage at AntiConLX Global!

But what's her session all about? Well, Christine aims to answer the question: "Is sales from Mars, and marketing from Venus? Is marketing looking for a long-term relationship, when sales just wants a one night stand?" Is marketing more of a Hinge user, while Sales is firmly on Tinder? You get the picture.

Basically, Christine wants her audience to ask themselves to wonder "In a digital world where 2/3s of the buyer's journey happens online before they've engaged with a salesperson, how do marketing and sales align?"

Some key takeaways you can expect from the sesh include:

  • How to agree on solving the problem 
  • How to jointly celebrate outcomes
  • The value of a common ICP

Boost your Confidence and Make the Most out of your MarTech or How to Boost your Confidence for Greater Business Impact with Pamella Barotti

Head of Customer Advocacy at Microsoft Pamella Barotti is a global marketing, communications, and advocacy lead with 15+ years experience in technology and financial services. 

Pamella has worked for start-ups, medium-sized and global organizations and prestigious brands including Microsoft, AWS, Mastercard, Oracle, Shell, and S&P Dow Jones. She has a unique combination of corporate experience across developed and emerging markets, academic background, coaching qualifications and a passion for empowering people and organisations to grow and thrive.

So now, she's bringing her expertise to the Global stage. 

Pamella aims to share practical tips, techniques, and exercises based on the latest scientific research, social psychology, body language, and coaching techniques to help them boost their confidence.

Pamella believes that to successfully shape an organisation's agenda and to make the most of their martech, marketers must feel confident enough to make a business case and show the value of the tech. So, this is all about building a marketer's belief that they can present their marketing strategies, manage suppliers, and influence stakeholders with ease. 

Plus, research has found that people with high levels of self-confidence performed better in their job, had more work satisfaction, and achieved higher salaries. 

What Ops? Developing Your Sales, Marketing and Revenue Ops Functions with Adele Kurki and Sam Choi

Now this is a double act if ever I saw one. Adele Kurki, Martech Lead at Aiven, and Sam Choi, Head of Revenue Operations at Vortexa have teamed up to bring the Global stage the latest rundown of all things Ops. That's Mops, Sops, and even RevOps.

Adele Kurki is a digital native with a drive to turn marketing actions into measurable results and aims to bridge the gap between data and engaging content. 

Before moving to the start-up world she worked as a Digital Marketing Development Manager in the global conglomerate Wärtsilä, and now works for the next-generation managed cloud service start-up Aiven. 

In this position, she leads a team of experts in MOPs professionals, that support defining the marketing strategy and putting it into practice by incorporating new platforms, streamlining marketing processes, collecting and analysing data, and creating techniques to reach and engage the target audience. 

Sam Choi is a passionate RevOps professional and is a big name in the turbulent world of early-stage B2B SaaS start-ups. 

Head of Revenue Operations at Vortexa, Sam has bought his expertise and insight into the space. He's also known for executing the combined mission, vision, and passion of CROs, CMOs, and CSOs alike. 

So, what will these two veritable experts be chatting about?

Well, the main question is this: what's right for your organisation? is it separate functions for sales and marketing ops, driving a laser-like focus on sales and marketing activities? Or instead, is it a combined function, incorporating customer success and data to break down any silos via revenue ops? Sam and Adele say that these all serve the same goal - to drive revenue. So why the delay?

This session will describe exactly what each function brings to the table, and what benefits they can provide to your organisation, and how they can work together to increase their effectiveness. 

Key learnings will include instructing professionals on how to:

  • Understand the similarities and differences between various back-office Ops functions.
  • Discuss the key skills required for each role and how to become future Ops champions.
  • Develop their long-term Ops strategy and explore how technology can improve effectiveness.

How Marketing Can Energise Sales in a Chaotic World With Aaron Ross

Co-CEO of Global keynote speaker. Best-selling author. Father of 10.

But any of our readers will know Aaron Ross from his best-selling book Predictable Revenue, which is often referred to as the "The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley", which sounds like an Indie film starring Tilda Swinton.

It's been No.1 on Amazon's telemarketing list for over 10 years and has been described as "Entrepreneurial Crack" by readers. 

And now he's bringing his expertise to the main stage at global.

The session will approach the idea that worldwide chaos is still in its early stages, with the effects of the pandemic and remote buying and work continuing to be felt. 

This means there's far more risk than ever before, as well as far more opportunity. This is on top of the online world being noisier and busier than ever. So Aaron will explain how marketing can't just create more noise online and should aim to stand out from the crowd, in order to drive sales revenue. 

Key learnings will include

  • The ‘basics’ that bridge the sales-marketing gap
  • The 'crack in the dam' insights most marketing teams miss
  • The emotional pandemic affecting both your teams and your customers

Marketing in Web3 Panel Session

Now, we're going into the future. Thanks to our fantastic panel, AntiConLX Global guests will get a sneak peek into the next big tech. We're talking NFTs, we're talking Web3, we're even talking the Metaverse. It's all things futuristic digital trends taking the new world by storm. 

Our panel will unpack how marketing, sales, and CX need to evolve for the new world. This session will be particularly interesting for Innovation and Transformation Officers, CDOs, Digital Professors, and Marketing Technologists. 

Currently, many companies are investing in the metaverse for reasons beyond entertainment. We're seeing companies move into the space for business and professional purposes too. 

So, learning about how this can benefit your team is vital. It's important for digital marketers to understand the latest technological developments and consider how you can use this space to its fullest potential. 

This session will explore specifically how marketers must adapt as the metaverse expands. 

We've got some heavy-hitters tackling the issue, too. Our selection of brand leaders and technologists will come together and consider the opportunities that exist and showcase ground-breaking metaverse marketing experiences. 

Meet the panel: 

🎤 Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director, Brand Agency London
🎤 Lucy Hall, Founder, Digital Women
🎤 David Mattin, Founder, New World Same Humans
🎤 Jimi Daodu, Founder / CEO, Vault Hill


So come down to AntiConLX Global, and check out all our talented speakers! On top of all the latest insights, you'll also get beers with your peers, chilled to perfection, London's finest street food trucks on speed dial, and all the greatest 90s Hip Hop beats from our resident DJ! Get ya tickets here! 👈