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Who is.. Carlos Doughty?

by Rachael, on 30 July, 2018

Apart from being the illustrious founder and leader of the MarTech Alliance, Carlos Doughty is known by many as the Prince of MarTech ($hit you not...read more about that here).

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Carlos can boast not only of launching this business, 100% bootstrapped - but also the annual #MarTechFest event which bucks the trends of your common conference bringing together brilliant marketing minds for one day each October, and the #MarketingBookClub which has seen Carlos connect with the industries heaviest hitters such as Gary Vee, Scott Galloway, Scott Brinker, Robert Rose and stacks more! 

*He absolutely, by no way, definitely did not strong arm yours truly to flex up his 'Who Is' page.

 carlos with pug

Why we love him

Besides the fact that he pays our salary, we love Carlos because of his questionable jokes (which always require explaining about 'why they're funny'), his novelty socks and 90's throwback t-shirt collection, obsession with trainers, hip-hop and pugs.

But on a serious note - is there a man on this planet who loves marketing more than Carlos Doughty? 

Never will you meet a guy who loves his job more, after a decade in the industry he turned his talents to launching the MarTech Alliance - combining his love of marketing, books about marketing, events about marketing, marketing and technology, talking incessantly about marketing...and pugs. 

After shaking off the shackles of corporate life and the suits and ties it called for, these days you'll find Carlos in his #startuplife hoodie, jeans and trainers in trendy East London planning to take over the (martech) world.

(FYI...he failed the ban)

Fun facts

    • Does not actually own a single live pug
    • Speaks 2 languages, Spanish and English. Will remind you of this on a semi-regular basis.
    • Owns 98 pairs of trainers housed in a dedicated room of his home (this author assumes)

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